Do You Use A Linux OS? Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds Using Robolinux or CrossOver

Do You Use A Linux OS? Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds Using Robolinux or CrossOver

The Linux OS is a free, community-developed, open-source operating system (OS), which can easily be installed and used on a PC, a popular Linux OS is the Ubuntu. In addition to the cost-benefit you enjoy, it provides users with the freedom to modify the OS to suit personal needs, unlike the Windows Operating System.

Linux cannot run Windows programs directly, though it normally comes with many free natives, preinstalled software, some users find it challenging to run a proprietary Windows program when there is a need. A user who intends to enjoy the benefits of the Linux OS without missing out on other Windows applications can consider using one of three methods. These are Virtual Machines (VM), WINE, or Dual Booting system, with each having peculiar merit and demerit. Using a VM or Dual Booting method will require you to deploy the Windows OS whereas, WINE can run these apps without installing Windows OS.

For the Ubuntu version of Linux,

WINE is a Windows Compatibility Layer, a Linux project that aims to reimplement all Windows programs to run smoothly without the need for a Windows OS installation. It eliminates the performance and memory cost compared to the other two methods listed above. WINE project has birthed different Linux distros, with each one having its pros and cons. Now, it is easier to run almost all Windows programs on Linux using WINE or a VM.

For the Ubuntu version of Linux, update the inbuilt WINE through the Linux Software Center then you are ready to run your Windows applications. However, for big users of Windows programs on Linux PC, using an out-of-the-box WINE can be more reliable but will cost a few dollars, an example is a CrossOver app. CodeWeavers owns CrossOver, they claim to have committed over 2/3 to the WINE project, implementing their developments before adding them to their commercial product. This WINE-based advanced variant is more user-friendly, smooth running, and provides technical support for its users.

Do You Use A Linux OS? Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds Using Robolinux or CrossOver

There is also an excellent Linux Distro that ensures all your Windows programs run smoothly without a glitch, it is called RoboLinux, a Linux variant that uses Stealth Virtual Machine. When you compare this to CrossOver, their method is what differs. The crossOver will run almost all your Windows programs, if not all, without the requirement for a Windows OS, a RoboLinux makes use of a Virtual Machine which will still require a Windows OS installation but higher reliability for running any Windows program.

Although most Linux users rarely need to run a Windows program simply because, for almost every application they need, there is always a Linux version or a better platform to run it smoothly without a glitch. But if you have tried a few moves and still feel the need to run a native Windows Program, try a CrossOver app or install a RoboLinux.