Comparing Operating Systems

Comparing Operating Systems

When they were invented, relatively few people could use computers because they required understanding operating them. Computer science technicians saw an opportunity to make an operating system that would make it easier for an average Joe to work on a computer. Among these developments are operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS, these are the commonly identified OS on the market. Developing these systems was aimed at providing maximum security for uses, an easily navigated user interface, and functionality. The software that could offer all or most of these requirements would be used on more computers than the OS which doesn’t.

Windows has advantages that draw people to using it, but even if it is the most used OS, it has its disadvantages. The Windows OS is relatively easy to use, the graphical user interface is friendly and can be navigated by a new user with ease. Additionally, Windows users enjoy a variety of software to download that is compatible with the OS. While it regularly upgraded its OS, there is backward compatibility of old applications. For gamers, Windows is the best OS because Windows supports most of the latest game trends and hardware. Games are not easily accessible by other operating systems, Mac is not built for gaming.

For the macOS, user-friendly design is

Although Windows boasts a more extensive user base, there are drawbacks that may drive other users to another OS. Windows has high resource requirements, the user needs to constantly upgrade to bigger storage disks and faster CPUs. Added to the high prices of software licenses, there is more to spend when using Windows as your OS. Windows is known for being susceptible to viruses together with other malware attacks. This is why big corporations don’t use Windows unless they decide to invest heavily in antivirus software.

For the macOS, user-friendly design is made the core of their development, without compromising functionality. MacOS is easier to use than Windows while still offering the power of multitasking capabilities. Apple Inc makes hardware that is specific for macOS computers, due to this, there is a seamless blend between software and hardware. Added to the package are preloaded applications that spark creativity in users. These applications include garage band for musicians, iMovie for movie creators, the free apps attract a large customer base. Other OSs don’t handle multitasking as well as macOS does, it has made macOS have a unique selling point. macOS cannot be easily hacked or hijacked, this is another advantage that developers at Apple have capitalized on.

Comparing Operating Systems

Apple has developed a unique product, but that uniqueness and all its advantages come at a price. MacOS is only compatible with Apple computers, this makes buying the set an expensive investment. Even if it comes prepackaged with free apps, there is a limited option for apps because Apple is the sole developer.

Linux offers many of their products for free, this includes their OS. It is a stable OS that doesn’t slow down with time and is less vulnerable to malware.

There are several options for OS, each of them with its advantages and disadvantages. The best operating system is the one that offers all the qualities that you seek. For security reasons, macOS and Linux will work, for a lower price with gaming, Windows is best.